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Andrew Yang's tweet on his endorsement of Biden. He was live on-air when he made the decision to endorse, so there was no tweet at the time. He's endorsing Biden as President. The video clip of the endorsement with a fuller explanation is in the tweet.

Since I started running, I always said I would support the Democratic nominee. The math is clear - @joebiden
will be the nominee and I am glad to endorse him for President. Joe knows how serious the fourth industrial revolution is. He and I have spoken about it at length.
Bill de Blasio, who is a Bernie endorser, agreed with at least a portion, if not all, of Yang's endorsement.

makes a powerful point: the Democratic Party CANNOT just aspire to take us back to Nov 7, 2016 if we expect to win this election. “There are so many Americans who just don’t think our institutions are working for them AT ALL.” Word! BE the Party of CHANGE, or lose