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Forum Rules

This forum is about anything related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Keep politics and debates out of this forum. Great Debates and Elections may be used for those threads and posts. Also, some posts, such as the "Your pandemic playlist" currently in CS, may be better suited to another forum if they are not directly related to the virus.

As with MPSIMS breaking news threads, feel free to use threads and posts here as springboards to new threads in GD or Elections, or even the Pit if you feel so inclined.

If you want a purely factual discussion, post it in this forum (not in GQ), but clearly indicate in either the title or the OP (or preferably both) that you want the discussion to remain purely factual. The basic rules of GQ apply to all threads that are clearly marked as such.

Breaking News threads should also be clearly marked, again in either the thread title or the OP (and again, preferably both). Any thread clearly marked as breaking news is restricted to direct discussion regarding the news event. You may of course use breaking news threads as a springboard to other threads seeking opinions or a wider discussion, which would not be marked as a breaking news thread.

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