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For a non-medical answer. I lived in china through out SARS. First off, it was unexpected. Several hospitals were simply overwhelmed. Toronto is pretty well documented in English, where the first responders, ambulance staff, ER and hospital had no idea what they were dealing with. It spread fast within that community and shut down the hospital.

For SARS, there were "super shedders". May sound goofy but it was the term that my buddy at CDC used. Super Shedders were highly infectious that caused massive outbreaks. Toronto was one, the Tianjin airport was another, and the Metropole Hotel in Hong Kong was a third. One person infect dozens if not in the hundreds of people. If you can't "flatten the curve" and the local health care gets overwhelmed, then more people die.

I'm sure there is also medical reasons, but the above situation was a contributor.

Because of SARS China reacted pretty quickly to Covid 19. One could argue that China should have acted a month earlier, and that may be. One can also plausibly argue that Trump and the US could have reacted at the end of January when China went into national lockdown, but twiddled their thumbs for 6 weeks. Seattle has at least 3x the infected rate and a lot more deaths than my other home of Shanghai with 30 million people.
I see. Then this new SARS-CoV-2 is as deadly as the first SARS virus in 2002 because the hospitals are now overwhelmed as well. I have no idea why it is sometimes claimed that the first SARS virus had a higher fatality rate.

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