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I think the following should be noted. I'm seeing a lot of stuff which would seem to imply the FDA needs to approve this. Or that the government needs to do something to "make it happen"

Doctors may prescribe any drug for any reason. If a doc believes, in his medical opinion, that Viagra will cure the common cold, he can prescribe it. He will be accountable for the outcome, of course, but nothing stops him from doing it.

A producer of a drug must show efficacy to advertise/promote a drug for a purpose.

So, if it really is that impressive (color me skeptical), then nothing stops the medical community from using it. And if CP has a really good safety profile, you can bet they are doing so. And thus, we will know in short order if this is real or not. And if it is, it will just become the de facto treatment. To the extent it's available in quantity.

I am very frustrated by the bad information that's coming from everywhere regarding how drugs are used, approved, etc.

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