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Okay wait. Maybe it's just a Friday afternoon and I need caffeine, but ... slowing the infection rate would reduce the total number of people infected. Right? If 2 people each infect 2 people who each infect 2 people, then you're up to 14 cases, if I'm doing my math right. If 1 person infects 1 person who infects 1 person, then you're up to 3 cases. Even if they lifted the quarantine and the rate of infection went up, you're still going to have a way lower total number of people infected if you reduce the infection rate.
You got it. Technically, flattening the curve has no direct correlation to total number of infected. The number might go up or it might go down based on a number of unknown factors. But if you keep the infection rate down, the number of people who can be treated and get better goes up, and the possibility of people getting infected goes down.

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