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Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
Instead of a curve, Cuomo used the analogy of a wave. A six foot wave washing over a town is bad news, but not nearly as bad news as a 20 foot wave.
And a series of three (and a 1/3) six-foot waves may have the same volume of water as a 20 foot wave, but will cause far less damage than the 20 foot wave would

Another useful analogy might be - if four planes land at the airport at the same time, the shuttle buses to the parking garage are going to be packed - leading to crowding, shoving, and general unpleasantness and injury (getting knocked over, or having your foot run over by a heavy bag) - but if the planes come in with a half hour gap between them, the shuttles are a much more pleasant situation, even though the same amount of passengers have used them that day.