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Having a new baby in the midst of a pandemic

... is much more stressful than we could ever imagine. We welcomed a baby girl today. The hospitals policies are changing almost hourly. My wife has had a nagging cough last 10 days, nobody thinks it’s the virus, due to no other symptoms, but who can be sure. Of course they certainly wouldn’t test her without a fever, even though she was considered a moderately high risk pregnancy. Hospital dealt with multiple higher ups deciding to become involved in her case, due to the reported cough, each giving different orders and directions. Our baby was delivered by c-section this morning, no isolation determined necessary, and mama and baby were allowed to be together for the first few hours. Then came again the threat of possibly forced isolation due to determined risk to baby (ahem.. if baby was determined to be at risk why on earth would that decision be made hours after allowing skin to skin contact?!) While waiting for the decision, a doctor comes and explains the reasoning , for if that decision is ultimately made. Explains to us the risk of vertical transmission is high , and while children seem to have low risk, newborn babies have a mortality rate of 10% (!!) I ask how has that number been determined? Have any babies died from this virus yet? Surely that would have been news?! Doctor explains that is the risk level that has been determined for newborns based on the cumulative data.

Are there ANY age breakdown on worldwide deaths other than an initial set of data from China, from February?
The one constant we’ve used to reassure ourselves throughout this mess is at least babies and children have minimal risk, but now we’re told that’s not correct, at least for not for infants. Why are there detailed age demographics only for deaths in China up to end of February, but nothing else? Is there nowhere to officially confirm if any, or how many, newborn deaths have been attributed to the virus?

Ultimately it was decided my wife was not high enough risk to have the virus to warrant isolation. I guess that’s great since they don’t have to be separated, but if newborns have a 10% fatality risk, now at this stage in the pandemic I wonder if it’s worth the risk for ANYONE, considering the high reported number of those potentially infected without the major symptoms.

And if the medical experts have truly determined newborns to have a 10% fatality risk, I’d say it’s beyond absurd that testing has not been determined mandatory for late term pregnant women in the days before their delivery, especially if they present ANY symptoms, without necessitating specifically FEVER being required

Baby is so far doing well