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Originally Posted by Andy L View Post
And a series of three (and a 1/3) six-foot waves may have the same volume of water as a 20 foot wave, but will cause far less damage than the 20 foot wave would

Another useful analogy might be - if four planes land at the airport at the same time, the shuttle buses to the parking garage are going to be packed - leading to crowding, shoving, and general unpleasantness and injury (getting knocked over, or having your foot run over by a heavy bag) - but if the planes come in with a half hour gap between them, the shuttles are a much more pleasant situation, even though the same amount of passengers have used them that day.
I like an action hero analogy -

If the hero can position himself in the hallway so he only has take on one minion at a time he can beat up a dozen of them. If they all attack him at once from all sides (which somehow they never do!) he's dead.

We want to be the action hero taking on one of the dozen minions at a time, not having to fight 12 at once. It's a long fight scene, like some of the fight scenes in Netflix's Daredevil, but even without superpowers Matt could win like that. Exhausted by the end but still standing.