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I am a shift supervisor at a detention center. We cannot close down entirely. The court has released some of the low-risk juveniles, but we are hanging onto the ones with serious felonies, and we are no longer allowing visitors. My boss decided to thin out the number of detention officers working, so most now have one paid on-call day each week, and are expected to come to work on that day only if we call them in for extra help. However, some have mysteriously merited getting two days each week that they get to stay at home and get paid to just be on-call. My boss and two other people in administration are going to stay home every day to allegedly work from home, even though one has few tasks that can really be done from home, and the other has no computer at home with which to do any work. Meanwhile, I and the other two shift supervisors are expected to come to work every day, with no paid on-call days. A number of the officers burn their sick days as fast as they earn them, using them as short-notice vacation days, and one of those officers is getting the two paid on-call days each week. I have been here 22 years and have accumulated enough sick days to call in every day for about 3 months and continue to get paid. So, I could start calling in every day, using up my own sick days, but it really gripes me that people who won't save their days for when they need them are now getting paid to stay at home. The burdens and exceptions should be spread around evenly, but my boss is one of those guys who hip-shoots his decisions and doesn't think things through.