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Originally Posted by Jim Peebles View Post
There is way more evidence than that:
Haven't been able to find the studies from China and Italy, but the French study is crap.
Six hydroxychloroquine-treated patients were lost in follow-up during the survey because of early cessation of treatment. Reasons are as follows: three patients were transferred to intensive care unit, including one transferred on day2 post-inclusion who was PCR-positive on day1, one transferred on day3 post-inclusion who was PCR-positive on days1-2 and one transferred on day4 post-inclusion who was PCR positive on day1 and day3; one patient died on day3 post inclusion and was PCR-negative on day2; one patient decided to leave the hospital on day3 post-inclusion and was PCR-negative on days1-2; finally, one patient stopped the treatment on day3 post-inclusion because of nausea and was PCR-positive on days1-2-3. The results presented here are therefore those of 36
patients (20 hydroxychloroquine-treated patients and 16 control patients). None of the control patients was lost in follow-up.
In other words, out of 26 people treated with hydroxychloroquine, ~4% died and ~12% were admitted to the ICU.