Thread: Two Strains?
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I’m skeptical until there is further evidence. My understanding is that the two-strain hypothesis is based primarily on a recent article published in the National Science Review in early March. Link here:

I’m not an epidemiologist, public health expert, or related professional. As such, I’d be keenly interested in hearing opinions on the article from those with expertise, who are in a better place to assess the science.

That said, I do have some experience in research oversight and I’m reluctant to rely on a single article. A key question is verification: i.e., would other researchers reach similar conclusions? This is especially a concern here because there is a potential for research bias. The authors are all based at Chinese universities and labs. As such, they may have a bias that favors blaming the high COVID-19 fatality rate in China on “two strains” rather than acknowledging China may have failed to timely react and may have a high population of people who are malnourished, immuno-compromised, exposed to rampant air pollution, or otherwise at elevated risk, and that China’s medical infrastructure is lacking.

Have you seen the two-strain hypothesis supported in other sources? News moves so fast that I may have missed it.