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COVID 19 QUARANTINE - Good of the few vs Good of the many?

Trying to be objective here.

Just numbers...

If we have 20% unemployment that is 30 million people out of work.
(Cite: DLS)

If we have 60% infected and 1% mortality, that is 1.8 million deaths.
If you go with 40%, obviously reduced by 33%.

Yeah, yeah, yeah--round numbers for now, ok?

So, to be a heartless pragmatist engineer/math geek..WTH are we ruining 30 million lives (probably more like 3x this amount due to families being affected, but let's keep it simple) to save 2 million?

Make your mortality 4%, the numbers still don't work.

...and in case you are about to castigate me for saying this...with my health status I have two strikes against me, and am a slow runner, facing Nolan Ryan in his prime.

'S plain Lucy, please.