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Originally Posted by ZipperJJ View Post
I've been listening to the Ohio governor's daily updates (really mostly for Dr. Amy Acton) and interspersed with tons of other info is some directives that are being given to health insurance companies. One about making sure covid-19 testing is covered, one about how telemedicine needs to be covered, and one about companies not having to pay premiums for a while but can keep their employees on insurance (even if the employees aren't able to work).

If we had single payer, this stuff would just automatically happen I assume. Maybe some tax relief regarding taxes paid towards health care.

Does it make a huge difference in America that we don't have single payer, or is it not holding us back too much?
Single payer isn't the only way to ensure access to the health system. What matters is that the government can regulate the private insurance and medical provider industry to require affordable admission to healthcare facilities, and there can be a degree of standardization in providing care across the system. It's universal access to care, and yes, that matters a LOT.

If people are thinking "Will my insurance cover this" they're going to stay at home until they literally can't breathe. Or worse, they'll try to 'gut it out' and go to work and spread their 'cold' to others, many of whom will be in the same predicament and asking similar questions a week later. It's a monumental failure of our system and our society that we don't have universal access to care in place, let alone the colossal failure to monitor the spread of a pandemic and prepare the health system for it well in advance.

But this is what you get when you tell people "Government sucks" and "Government cain't do nuthin' right." We made our bed. Time to sleep in it.