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What's the Story with Private Hospitals/Healthcare

Disclaimer: Most of the below is based on my understanding of this. I am open to being disabused.

As I understand it, there are healthcare facilities that cater to wealthy individuals who can afford what amounts to a membership.

If this is correct, does anyone know how many of these there are, how big they are, and what facilities they have?

Are these facilities subject to being commandeered in an emergency? Surely in a national emergency they wouldn't be allowed to remain idle while people go without health care? Similarly for their employees.

The reason I bring this up is that we're seeing some wealthy investors supporting the idea that it's more important to get the economy going again, and maybe the lockdown isn't worth it. That's a reasonable debate, unless those pushing the idea have some guaranteed access to healthcare, in which case it's pretty appalling.

Am I way off? Apologies if the premise of this is dumb.