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There's a couple of different concepts all lumped under the label of "private healthcare" so it's important to be precise about what you mean. It sounds like what you're talking about is some variant of concierge medicine which has been in vogue with the ultra rich for quite a while now.

Those people are going to quickly discover how useless concierge medicine is for true disasters. Concierge medicine is really good at taking simple, common medical procedures and applying very fancy window dressing to it to make it look more impressive. As soon as anyone needs anything more specialist, they're dumped into the regular medical system because concierge medicine doesn't have the scale to handle such cases.

I had a friend who went from being an ER doc to doing a 3 month stint in concierge medicine and, even though she was being paid 4x as much, she was bored out of her mind and went back to doing ER because she said if she stayed in concierge medicine for too long, her skills would have completely rusted away and she would never be able to practice regular medicine again. She started off in the night shift and she would see like, 4 patients per shift on a busy night and they were all the most entitled, whiny, hypochondriacs ever. One patient was someone who fell out of bed in the middle of the night and they insisted on getting a CAT scan "in case they had an aneurysm" and they just did it because it was easier than arguing with them. All the cases were cases like that.

The clinic she worked in had two state of the art ICU beds with every single possible machine you could imagine and they were NEVER used because anyone who required anything remotely requiring ICU assistance was sent to the local county hospital as soon as possible as none of the nursing team at their clinic had any kind of ICU experience whatsoever whereas the county had nurses who were seeing ICU cases all day.

It's all a giant scam to bilk the money of rich people who just can't accept that they should even be in a room with "the poors". They were getting objectively worse quality of care for vastly over inflated prices.