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Anything that can boost your natural immunity is a good thing. But don't for a moment think you can stop a foreign virus with an extra tablet of vitamin C - that simply will not happen.

Your body's immune system will open the front door and be greeted by a nemesis it has never seen before. The adult immune system is far better equipped to fight off even the worst flu strains than it is COVID-19.

The way to defeat this virus is to do our homework and study up on how to avoid getting it in the first place. And even better, prepare your body as much as possible for fighting it off once it tries to hijack your body's immune system.

You're better off controlling your risk factors. That means controlling your weight and your blood pressure. Eat well and exercise regularly.

Avoid blood sugar spikes, avoid eating excessive carbs and foods with saturated fats.

Pay attention to your A1C readings if you're diabetic.

Protect your kidneys and liver (i.e. limit or even eliminate drinking).