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Originally Posted by kanicbird View Post
It seems like Zpack is being considered as part of a cure/treatment for COVID19. That seems to obliterate the argument that antibiotics do nothing against viruses. Just that it was considered as a potential treatment seems to say a lot . If it was so sure that it does nothing, why even consider it at all? Many of us know from personal experience that they seem to help, though others say that the person would most likely have recovered the same without them. We might not know how it helps, but is this the crack in the armor against 'inappropriate' antibiotic usage?
Others have probably beaten me to it, but antibiotics do nothing to stop viruses - absolutely nothing at all. They stop the secondary effects of a virus that lead to bacterial infection, but it would be terribly unwise to take Z-pack as a prophylactic if that's what you are suggesting.

When you get a viral infection of the lungs, your lungs will produce an inflammatory response as a way to eject the virus and to give your body time to build up antibodies, and hopefully, immunity.

The problem is that this inflammatory response is fertile ground for a secondary bacterial infection. The deeper into the lungs the fluid goes, the greater the danger for a bacterial infection. It's the bacteria within the lung that antibiotics fight - your body could be producing antibodies to fight of the initial virus at the same time that your body is struggling to keep bacteria from multiplying and spreading into the bloodstream, or struggling to keep the bacteria from drowning you in your own fluids.

But it does nothing to stop the virus itself. It doesn't kill the virus. It doesn't help build antibodies. Once you've got the virus, you've got it.