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Originally Posted by kayaker View Post
One of my pet-peeves is when people say they're on a "fixed income". Aren't most people on a fixed income, other than those working for commission? If I win the Mega-Zillion Lottery, quit my job, and receive a $40,000 check each month , I'm on a fixed income, right?
When I was telemarketing I heard the whine in the title about once an hour. Because I'm a saint I never said, "Lady, my rate is based on the program I'm calling for and if we run out of contracted hours I can get laid off for the rest of the month. Don't think I have any sympathy for you. I only wish I had a fixed income.

And FTR, my luxurious SS fixed income will be slightly higher than many months as a telemarketer. This massive influx of home workers will fuck things up for me when I get out of the Home and start looking for work.