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Originally Posted by Mdcastle View Post
Basically what these people are saying isn't "screw the dying people, we just want to to make money", but pointing out that we can't take actions on the sole basis of saving lives without considering the economic cost. Although it sounds callous, benefit cost analysis is just the way things are done. If we didn't that could lead to some decisions like completely banning all forms of motor vehicles to eliminate car accident deaths, or imposing some new industrial safety regulation that might cost a trillion dollars per life saved. You can't say "screw the trillion dollars, we need to save a life".

The actual figures used tend to value a life at well into the millions of dollars. The figure MnDOT uses is 12.3 million. The problem is you know how many people get killed crossing a particular intersection and how much it would cost to build a bridge. We have a lot less of an idea the cost and benefit of our coronavirus actions so there's a lot of varying opinions out there.
Believe me, I understand that. I was just trying to understand whether those putting forth the economic argument are doing so from a position of having extra access to care.