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My answer has changed to "Working from home is optional, and I'm doing so."

Shortly after my first post in this thread my conscience started nagging me, and I worked from home on Friday. I went back to the office on Monday, but that afternoon I asked my boss if I could telework for the rest of the month (I'm sure it will be longer, but having a target return date felt better). Of course, he said yes. My office is still open, and will likely remain so, but more and more people have started teleworking. Even my boss is teleworking this week (at least).

I have a good home office setup, and both my job and those of my colleagues can (mostly) be done from anywhere. I know how lucky that makes me, and also how lucky I am that my income won't be affected during all of this.

I have a dog and a big back yard, so I go outside several times a day. It's a little weird to suddenly not be driving my 2-month-old car every day, but tomorrow I might take the dog to daycare and/or get some takeout while my area's nonessential businesses and restaurants are still open.