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On Monday, my boss pointed out that if one person in our building tests positive, the whole building will be shut down until a deep cleaning is done and anyone who has been in contact with that person will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Since we have SCIFs in the building, work would essentially halt for those programs until the building was available again, so he advised me he thought we should all work from home and only come in when we need to work in the SCIF. The fewer people in the building, the lower the probability of program impact.

So I took a bunch of my equipment home and have been working at home since then (I don't work in the SCIF and only occasionally need to attend meetings that require a SCIF). It's not so bad, but my kitchen table looks like a lab table for an electronics experiment (two computer/monitor setups, along with various speakers, usb drives, etc.)