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Originally Posted by susan View Post
HHS has given the go-ahead, so now psychotherapists can provide telehealth to Medicare and Medicaid patients, hooray! Also, there's a temporary relaxing of HIPAA standards so the patient can choose to Skype or other non-compliant software if they can't figure out or have the bandwidth for a secure option. This will also be good for non-tech-savvy and demented patients who may not be able to learn a new system.

We're figuring out how we can schedule our work at home without stepping on each other's bandwidth given our crummy internet service.
I'm following the time-honored tradition of posting to the thread and then reading it.

For what it's worth, WhatsApp encrypts video/audio calls end-to-end and is fairly idiot proof to set up (especially since you can do it with just a smartphone, so no computers needed).