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Originally Posted by Green Bean View Post
I’m not a fan of potlucks anyway, especially if the participants aren’t given guidance as to what type of thing they should bring so you end up with 18 lasagnas and no salad.
I was at a potluck once at which almost everyone had brought potato salad.

One of the best meals I've ever had. I love potato salad, and everybody had a different version, and they were all good.

Admittedly, if it had been lasagna I'd have had a problem. I don't like most lasagnas. But I like potlucks. And I've never gotten sick from one. Maybe it depends on who you hang out with; though I've been to potlucks organized (for some sense of the word organized) by some drastically different batches of people.

ETA: I should note that the word has different meanings in different places. To anybody confused by the thread: in a lot of places, a "potluck" is a gathering at which everybody brings a dish to pass around, and everybody takes some of whatever dish appeals to them. Some potlucks assign dishes -- 'you bring a salad, you bring some bread' -- others just take their chances as to what shows up. To some people, however, "potluck" means you got invited to somebody's house on the spur of the moment, and dinner is the luck of whatever happened to be in the pot for the family dinner anyway; they didn't plan anything in particular for you.

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