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First of all, the federal government doesn’t control elections except to require that the states have them. The individual states control their elections. A state refusing to hold elections or perform a transparent count would be an extraordinary breach of Constitutional protocol, and while Trump has attempted to pack the Supreme Court with as many conservative-leaning justices as he can, no justice—even Brett ‘Devil’s Triangle is a drinking game’ Kavanaugh isn’t going to go along with that.

As for Trump refusing the leave the White House...please, the gods, let it happen! The image of the Secret Service dragging Trump out by his ankles and dumping him on Pennsylvania Ave is just too delicious. But seriously, all they would have to do to get Trump to leave is have the White House kitchen only serve a menu of grilled salmon with roasted red potatoes and tenderly sauteed Brussels sprouts, and Trump would have to make a speed run for the nearest KFC to keep his saturated oil blood levels up, and then they could just shut the gates behind him.