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Originally Posted by sps49sd View Post
Trump began restricting foreign national's traveling from China at the end of January (and a married pair of my coworkers were detained). And the PRC's response was:

"Many countries have offered China help and support through various ways. In contrast, the U.S. comments and actions are neither based on facts, nor helpful at this particular time, foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said.

I can not understand why the head of the WHO is complimenting the PRC's handling of the outbreak.
Credit where credit is due. Banning travel from China probably bought us a month. And he spent that month whistling past the graveyard.

What did he do between banning travel from China and March 13th beyond denying that COVID19 was a problem?

-He started a task force in January to replace the pandemic task force that he had abolished earlier in his administration. It hasn't really done much until March.
February 25 was the first day the CDC told the American public to prepare for an outbreak

-He was downplaying COVID19 until March 10th before he declared a national emergency on March 13th.

-10 days ago, on March 17th, FEMA started stockpiling medical supplies.

-Now he is floating the notion of rolling back mitigation efforts because the economy is taking a hit.

-Other than the shutdown of China travel (which was a good thing), has the administration done anything else that you feel was timely or prescient?