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I've been listening to the Ohio governor's daily updates (really mostly for Dr. Amy Acton) and interspersed with tons of other info is some directives that are being given to health insurance companies. One about making sure covid-19 testing is covered, one about how telemedicine needs to be covered, and one about companies not having to pay premiums for a while but can keep their employees on insurance (even if the employees aren't able to work).

If we had single payer, this stuff would just automatically happen I assume. Maybe some tax relief regarding taxes paid towards health care.

Does it make a huge difference in America that we don't have single payer, or is it not holding us back too much?
Italy has Universal Healthcare and generally has a very good health care system*
Their current situation is the result of a failure to recognize the threat. Noone keeps enough hospital beds to handle something like this.

*In 2000, Italy's healthcare system was regarded, by World Health Organization's ranking, as the 2nd best in the world after France,[3] and according to the World Health Organization, Italy has the world's 6th highest life expectancy.[4] The life expectancy at birth in Italy was 82.3 years in 2012, which is over two years above the OECD average)