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Normally I'd pull for a company, even a large company, who is negatively affected by our current circumstances. Unfortunately, the airline industry as a whole hasn't made made much of an effort to endear themselves to the public. I don't know if I would have ever described flying as a fantastic experience, but in recent years it's become downright miserable. The seats are smaller, there's less legroom, they're charging me for carry on luggage, and on occasion they'll kick you off the plane after you've been seated because the airline overbooked the flight. And they might knock your teeth out if you refuse to relinquish your seat.

So, sure, intellectually I can understand why the airlines can't just give everyone refunds right now. But on the other hand, over the last twenty years or so they've been treating their customers like crap. So it's hard to be sympathetic now that they need something.
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