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The Hunted (1948) – Obscure, b-movie with little to recommend it. I only watched for Belita, my obscure b-movie ice skating dreamgirl.

Jeff (1969) – French gangster flick with Alain Delon in typical unemotive form. Neither memorable nor particularly good.

Le Marginal (1983) – Cop Jean-Paul Belmondo breaks rules to kick ass on criminal scum. Underwhelming.

Black Lightning (2009) – Russian attempt at a Marvel movie has teen acquiring a flying (Volga) car, then turning to crime-fighting/do-gooding after failing to prevent his father’s murder. The unfamiliar setting aside, this was derivative pablum.

Rapt (1934) – Russian-French co-production set in two villages on opposite sides of a mountain. A dog’s murder leads to a revenge kidnapping and senseless tragedy. Outstanding cinematography in spots, but story and character logic left much to be desired.