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My last five:

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring My 13 year old nephew wanted to see this again after having read the books. Happy to accommodate! This is probably my favorite of the trilogy.

Pretty in Pink I was talking to my college-age nieces about 1980s John Hughes movies and they had never seen this one. It was fun because going into the final scene, one of them was rooting for her to choose rich popular kid Blaine and the other was hoping she'd choose friend-zoned Duckie. Next week we'll watch Some Kind of Wonderful where Eric Stoltz makes the opposite choice.

Dunkirk - Great film. Looking forward to seeing this again at some point.

The Big Sick - Utterly charming.

Spider-man: Homecoming - Not the best Marvel flick of the last few years, but the best Spiderman movie and one of the best Marvel villains ever.