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Thanks. I thought so.

My latest five:

Tim's Vermeer
Very interesting documentary about an inventor and engineer who theorizes that noted Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer used optical gadgets to make his nearly-photographically-accurate paintings. Tim sets out - despite having, by his own admission, zero artistic ability of his own - to duplicate the process and create his own version of a famous Vermeer painting. Penn and Teller directed and produced the movie, and briefly appear.

Kind Hearts and Coronets
A clever 1949 dark comedy, set in Edwardian times, about a cold-blooded aristocratic wannabe who sets out to "prune the family tree" and kill everyone standing between him and a British dukedom. Alec Guinness plays nine (or ten, depending on how you count) roles as the various D'Ascoyne heirs (including a woman), and does them all very well, of course.

Blade Runner 2049
A worthy sequel to the 1982 Ridley Scott classic. A fine cast, interesting script, powerful score (although occasionally too loud) and just as detailed and fully-realized a futuristic Los Angeles dystopia. It moves the story forward and deals engagingly with the same important issues of humanity, identity and slavery as the original. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Watched this sf classic again; it still holds up well.

Ditto. It remains one of my all-time favorite sf action-adventure movies ever. Sigourney Weaver rules the screen.