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Kind Hearts and Coronets
A clever 1949 dark comedy, set in Edwardian times, about a cold-blooded aristocratic wannabe who sets out to "prune the family tree" and kill everyone standing between him and a British dukedom. Alec Guinness plays nine (or ten, depending on how you count) roles as the various D'Ascoyne heirs (including a woman), and does them all very well, of course.
Charming little film, isn't it?

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The Sting
Finally saw this Depression-era con-artist film from start to finish. A clever plot and fine cast. Robert Redford and Paul Newman are, of course, great together. Robert Shaw plays the scary mobster they try to fleece.
Hope this isn't the first time! If so, what took you so long?

I watched the "Director's Cut" of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

Not that good. And too long. And every scene with Bob Dylan could easily be cut. But, boy, did it have a butt-load of name actors!