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Originally Posted by commasense View Post
I'm in an Airbnb as I write this. I use them a lot for business travel. I find I can usually get a nice place with a kitchen for much less (sometimes half) what the official conference hotel costs. The ability to make some of my own meals helps me save even more. The only downside is that I'm usually a few blocks away from the conference site.
Thanks for mentioning this. I have a conference next month and the hotel is quite pricey. Iíll check Airbnb.

Iíve used Airbnb only a couple of times. Vacationing in Alaska last winter I needed rooms for the six adults in our group. With Airbnb we could all stay in the same space and still have separate bedrooms. It worked out really well.

So far I havenít had a bad experience, while traveling. Iíve never hosted with my house, nor will I ever. A few years back the Super Bowl was less than 10 miles from my house and many locals were saying they open their homes to be an Airbnb host. The potential to make a lot of money was there, but I didnít do it. No way.