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Originally Posted by Gatopescado View Post
OP reads like Tool lyrics.
Totally. Hooker with a Penis, or Aenima. Now I canít read it without hearing Maynard screaming it in my head. Thanks for that.

My wife and parents-in-law like to head down to Oregon once a year. I usually bow out because to me itís a many-hours-long drive to a place that looks just like here, but Iíve gone a few times. They used to get a hotel and then drive to the beach. Then they found a house on Airbnb, it has 3 bedrooms, beautiful wood floors, a big backyard with a fire pit, and is right at the beach. Itís a lot cheaper than a hotel. They go there every year and always have a good experience, and the hosts know that they are good guests so like having them as repeat customers. Itís a win/win.