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Originally Posted by commasense View Post
My pleasure. The last time one of my conferences was in Toronto, I found a great Airbnb condo apartment in a high-rise building just two blocks from the conference hotel. It was no more than half the conference hotel rate, and had a great Whole Foods-like store on the ground floor where I could buy great pre-made meals and grocery items. Extremely convenient and pleasant. And I had a great view, too!
The AirBNB that I booked in Toronto for next monthís conference cost almost down to one third the hotel conference price. It was far below half the price. It is a condo that my wife and I will have all to ourselves. It has free parking on site ó after I give my presentation Iíll rent a car and take her on a drive out to Gananoque where weíll do a boat tour of the Thousand Islands. Iíve been out there before but she hasnít. Weíll also drive out to the beautiful farm country where they filmed the movie, Fly Away Home. Gorgeous country, out there.

Iíve learned a lot from this thread from peoplesí tips on how they AirBNB. Thank you all for the good tips. My wife will be working from the condo while Iím at the conference. And from what I can tell it is very safe and is a clean, well-lighted place. Which is what I needed for her, and for us.