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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
In fairness to the Democrats, there was just about no major healthcare reform that they could enact that would have passed with any significant amount of Republican support.

But what's being proposed with SCOTUS court-packing is very different. It's being proposed that the judiciary - which ought to be an impartial referee that holds the other, partisan branches of government in check - jump into the game and take one team's side. Like buying off the referee in a Super Bowl.
The Supreme Court has become completely politicized. There is a reason McConnell didn't let Garland get a vote.

Republicans made it this way so democrats have a reason to push back.
"I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and undeniable a fact that I hardly think any hon. Gentleman will question it." ~John Stuart Mill

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