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Originally Posted by Johanna View Post
When you're preparing to transition, you get a carry letter from your doctor certifying that you're legit trans. Once you've transitioned, your ID shows your corrected gender. There's no leeway for a faker to fake being trans.

Those who are legit trans have the credentials to verify it. These prejudiced imaginings about imaginary fakers are being used as a pretext to withhold civil rights from the very real trans people who are increasingly endangered by this prejudice and by the loss of civil rights.
We're talking about a situation where there's no requirement to demonstrate that your claim is genuine (such as with a doctor's letter or anything else). Whether or not this is an accurate description of the proposed statute, I wouldn't know. But in any case, nobody arguing in favor of transwomen in this thread has so far stated "but of course, there should be/there would be this or that requirement", which would have been an obvious rebuttal of the statements made in the article linked to as well as of many of my objections and examples. I see no evidence that anybody on this side of the debate in this thread doesn't think that a statement to the effect that you self-identify as a woman should be sufficient, should go undisputed, and should allow to be recognized as a woman in all circumstances.
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