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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Not bad - only took you a day and a half.
Fuller quote.

There's really no disagreement that he was saying that income inequality as large as we have it is a real and serious problem
He definitely said this.
that he intends to address by taxing them more
Is the place where you quote him saying that in invisible ink, or something? Maybe he just means upping the minimum wage to $10.
It is a clear misrepresentation to say that he was promising there will be no changes at all.
Good thing nobody said that!
You have to be fucking kidding me if you do not see that as a horrific misrepresentation.
If someone had said that, that would certainly be the case.
As the Vox article that I harvested pointed out, there really is not that much actual difference between that statement and Warren pointing out that her wealth tax, "two cents on every dollar above a $50 million-plus fortune" isn't going to be anything that any of them cannot easily afford. They'll still be very rich.

The difference is tone. He approaches the players with a presumption of good will that he believes facilitates working together to a common good, trying to get all on board.
'The players' - so Mitch was there?

He can presume good will on McConnell's part from here to the end of the Universe, but Obama did the same, and how much good did it do?

Again, nothing against trying to reach across the aisle. But best if it's a supplementary approach, because quite frankly a presumption of good will on McConnell's part is like a presumption of magic unicorns.

He resists othering and demonization.
This hardly makes him unique among the Dem candidates. Just because they realize what they're up against, that's not the same as othering and demonization. Excluded middle, and all that.
And he implies that their alternative to working with him on this is being portrayed by others as the enemy who must be destroyed.
So it's OK if Biden slanders his opponents, as long as they're Democrats. He's just got to make nice with Republicans and rich people.

So the actual laundry detergent in the boxes are not all that different while the packaging and marketing are the thing. He is selling a box that says "Let's at least try to move away from hyperpolarization, demonization, and othering." It might not sell well to Democratic voters and it might.

It clearly is not the packaging you prefer.
A plan to get your plans through Congress is not mere packaging. And Biden's plan has already been proven to be magic unicorns: I'm old enough to remember the Obama Administration. I don't put my trust in magic unicorns.