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Originally Posted by Banquet Bear View Post isn't a misrepresentation to say that
this whole post was gaslighting.

FWIW I feel it is completely fair for you to state that you don’t think Biden grasps the scale and such. I don’t agree but your expressing those thoughts is completely legit. You think Wang or Sanders or Warren or Gabbard or whoever have a better grasp on the severity and are more “suitable” that is fine.

Biden is on record as planning to reverse Trump’s tax cuts that inordinately benefitted large corporations and the very wealthiest. He is on record as wanting to expand low income tax credits. He proposes eliminating the “stepped basis loophole” on inheritance and using that to better fund college education.

These are not no changes and all in that room know that these are his plans. And are open to some degree to accepting his taxing them more for the greater good. And to the recognition that they can afford this.

What he does not do is go to class warfare as his approach to take on wealth inequality. If you want a Robespierre he ain’t your guy.

He’s taken heat for going against the class warfare grain. But that’s not his angle. He tries to avoid the “othering” play.

Again in directionality there aren’t many differences on the D side. And assuming a D win whoever wins will try to work to get a few Rs in Senate to cross over and aim for some bipartisan compromises. No one will end up passing a plan that taxes the very wealthy so high that they must change their lifestyles, or move away to avoid such punitive taxation. No executions in the town square by anyone. Sorry. In rhetorical approach though, the difference is huge.