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Originally Posted by Biggirl View Post
When they put the hat on his head he comes to life and exclaims, "Happy birthday!" I always thought he was saying this to Jesus Christ. My son thought he was talking about himself but who says "Happy birthday!" to themselves? At least without adding a "to me!" in there.

Why does Frosty say "Happy birthday!" when the hat is placed on his head?
iirc, and it has been many a moon since I've seen the Frosty the Snowman TV Special, he says "happy birthday" because the magic top hat is the hat of a magician performing tricks at a child's birthday party. The magician is in the middle of a trick using the hat when the wind somehow liberates said hat from the magician mid-trick and yadda yadda and there you have it. The "Happy Birthday" is the magical stutter of "majika interruptus"

in the matrix its a deja-vous from the system resetting to correct an error

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