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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Wouldn't the fact that it's lasted so much longer than its designed mission suggest that it's poorly engineered? That probably means that they could have made it cheaper while still accomplishing all of their goals.
I get your point, but probably not. Mean Time To Failure for any component is... well... a statistical average - so you typically can't design an item that will last exactly X long, you design it so that the probability of critical component failure within X duration is acceptably low (and 'acceptable' is a variable dependent on a lot of factors, such as budget, the outcome of failure, redundancy of parts and function, difficulty of servicing, etc)

You pick your place on the bell curve - at one end, you made it cheap and light, and it *might* survive, but it probably won't. At the other end, you made it so that it almost certainly will survive, but it's no longer cheap and light - it's always a compromise and a betting game.

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