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Originally Posted by April R View Post
In all seriousness I like the way the eggs in egg sushi (tomago) tastes. It's may favorite kind of egg, but I have no clue how to make it that way myself.
So yummers. It's some kind of sweet Japanese omelet, and it is divine.

Here is a video on how to make one, but there is zero chance I could do it. Maybe I van just take the guy in the video home with me.
Actually you can just omelet or scramble the egg mixture for tomago just fine, I love the flavor myself and make them that way when I get lazy.

I like poached, coddled, omelet, tomago omelet. Actually other than over hard or medium, I cant think of a way I really dislike eggs. I have issues with food still where if I eat something one day, I can not guarantee that the idea of eating whatever won't nauseate me the next, but eggs [and poached chicken both done blandly] tend to always be palatable.

And I adore making and eat deviled eggs.

I didn't vote because I like all of them..............