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pronounce and explain commotio cordis

Howdy all,

1) How do you pronounce "commotio cordis"

2) Can somebody put the VC and AP terms in laymans terms? Thanks.

"Biomechanical aspects were given consideration early by Schlomka et al (17,18), who determined the risk of commotio cordis to be proportional to both the speed and force of the impact and inversely proportional to the size of the contact area. Much later, Bir and Viano (30) reviewed studies that evaluated the biomechanical response of the thorax to blunt trauma; factors investigated included the magnitude of chest compression, rate of chest deformation, and the viscous criterion (VC) as predictors of the degree of cardiac injury. Review showed that the VC (an index of the magnitude of chest wall deflection plus the velocity of deflection, normalized for AP thickness) was the best predictor of commotio cordis (30). The VC was proportional to the likelihood of an adverse cardiac effect. Mechanisms considered to produce the cardiac effect include abrupt deceleration of the heart as it strikes the sternum or spine (7,31), a direct concussive effect from chest wall impact (5), and, in more severe chest blows such as those occurring in vehicular accidents, a crush injury as the heart is compressed between the sternum and the spine (7,31)." Source: