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Originally Posted by An Gadaí
I think we should let the Bolivian Navy decide.
You are aware that's about as offensive as offering you a Black and Tan Ale would be, right? The northernmost two provinces of Chile (on the Pacific) formerly belonged to Peru and Bolivia, in that order, and were lost to Chile after one of the odd collection of South American wars that most non-Latin Americans never hear of. In sum, Bolivia had, but lost to Chile, a short coastline including a valuable port and desert-nitrate industry, including a small navy and merchant marine. (Bolivia's current navy, a gunboat or two, patrols the Bolivian coast of Lake Titicaca, not so much against Peruvian aggression as to keep a trained navy in being.)

Now, the time the Paraguayan cavalry charged and defeated a U.S. Navy gunboat, that's a different story!

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