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Let me give some basic facts about the Swedish case.

20 Aug 2010 - two women laid a complaint.
25 Aug - Chief Public Prosecutor Eva Finné said there was no evidence of a crime, and dropped the case.

30 Aug - Assange was interviewed by the Stockholm police.
1 Sep - Director of Public Prosecutions Marianne Ny reopened the case.

Nothing further happened for 3˝ weeks.

27 Sep - Assange notified the prosecutor's office that he was leaving and asked if they wanted to interview him before he left. He was told they didn't need to interview him, and he could leave.

18 Nov - An arrest warrant was issued, and they started proceedings to extradite him... in order to interview him...

Assange was willing to return to Sweden if they would guarantee that he would not be extradited to the US. They were not prepared to give that guarantee.
They were always welcome to interview him any time in the Ecuadorian embassy, but they were not prepared to interview him in the UK.

A Swedish judge has now ruled that there is no need to extradite him, and he should be interviewed in the UK.