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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
It is a clear misrepresentation to say that he was promising there will be no changes at all. isn't a misrepresentation to say that Biden didn't make any explicit commitment to any change in the transcript that you posted. It isn't a misrepresentation to say the opening paragraph of the transcript is a strawman, it isn't a misrepresentation to state that "what the donors know in their gut" is a subjective thing not an objective thing, and what they "know in their gut what needs to be done" is probably different to what the average American voter "knows in their gut". It isn't a misrepresentation to agree with the Vox article you cited when they stated "these comments are somewhat muddled."

What is clear though is you continue to misrepresent Wiegel's hot-take. And you seem to think a reporter expressing a deliberately provocative opinion on twitter is more problematic than inconsistent, unclear and muddled messaging from Biden and his camp.