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Originally Posted by Yllaria View Post

They're not standardized, but they'll comfort people who aren't used to judging pinches and dashes. They can use the spoon and not be wrong.
Yeah, I'm actually somewhat annoyed by the habit people have of referring to cooking as an art and baking as a science. I've had to talk more than one person new to baking down off a ledge because they freaked out not knowing how much a dash is and afraid their cake will blow up in their face. If having a measuring spoon marked Tad calms their worries enough that they actually start baking stuff, I'm all for it.

Originally Posted by Alessan View Post
My wife once read a recipe requiring an egg of oil. It specifically said to poke a hole in an egg, pour out the insides, fill the empty eggshell with oil and then pour it into the recipe. Something about how it had to have exactly the same amount of oil as eggs.
Someone should show that recipe writer a scale and blow their mind.