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Yay. I'll jump back into an argument that I think I had hand in starting.

The All Women All-Stars: The framing of the scene, and the logistics of how they all came together, is too deep a dive. The framing and the logistics came straight out of comic books. Go figure. In comic books you generally wouldn't see pages and pages of sweeping scenes to let you know that all the women are fighting at once. You'd get a splash page - just like what we saw in the movie.

Banquet Bear - I agree with your points. I guess the reason I didn't get your analogy is that it's a little off-kilter. "Avengers Assemble" is a tag line - I think it's been said in every Avengers movie (I could be wrong). The all female fighting force is a special event. So I didn't really get why you were comparing the two - truthfully I thought you were going down the same road of complaining about logistical issues in a comic book movie - but again, I generally agree with your points regarding that scene.