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Should the government require cell phones to have radiation sensors?

Proposal: require by law that if commercially available sensors, below a certain size/power consumption and of reasonable cost (say $5, adjusted for inflation), can meet the requirements, all cell phone manufacturers must install the sensors for phones sold in the United States.

The basic requirements would be for :

(a) an accumulating sensor able to detect chronic radiation exposure to gamma rays sufficient to significantly raise cancer rates
(b) an immediate-term sensor, able to distinguish and alert the user for levels of radiation:
a. 50% fatal within about a month
b. 50% fatal within a day
c. 50% fatal within an hour

It can just peg after case c.

Precision would not be a major requirement, merely a 95% probability that the sensor shows an alert before the levels for a,b, and c are reached in a test lab.

Thought of this watching the HBO show Chernobyl. If the firefighter's all had phones, which would all go off with shrill warnings when they approached the reactor building, they would have survived. Similarly, people have died from radioactive isotopes hidden in chairs and radon in their basement and other secret sources.

The sensors, in 100 million unit volumes, would probably be quite affordable, but it's not a feature that a cell phone manufacturer individually be able to put in the phone since it provides the user no immediately tangible benefit.