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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Dunno, but the sensor specs above would cause it to only go off in fairly high radiation fields to prevent such nuisance trips. Also, sensors like this would be rather crucial to surviving nuclear fallout, just saying. (assuming the survivors are keeping their phones charged with generators or portable solar panels, and pulling spare phones from deceased victims of the nuclear attack)
I am imaging a field full of screaming cellphone alarms attached to the hips of people frantically digging holes to duck into.

I'm not sure how such a sensor is going to help you survive nuclear fallout, particularly for the higher ranges. There are only two even slightly reasonable responses to that situation, the first being leave the radioactive area immediately and the second being get into a shielded bunker. In the case of a nuclear attack finding a means to leave the affected area is going to be difficult at best. Fallout shelters have issues regarding both adequate stocking with supplies and/or human waste disposal (think of several weeks of piss, shit, and possibly other bodily effluvia like vomit and contaminated clothing brought inside when you enterede when you can't afford radiation exposure to take it outside and have to find some way to store it inside with you.)

For that sort of situation a dosimeter might actually be more useful than simply a gieger counter. Knowing one's accumulated dose in some ways is more useful than knowing the current hazard. Multiple accumulated doses in a short period of time can be deadly, even if no one dose is super high.

Originally Posted by Telemark View Post
Why not have carbon monoxide detectors? There are 200 deaths per year in the US due to carbon monoxide. How many due to radiation?
This actually makes a LOT more sense... except for the expense and technically issues involved in adding those to modern cellphones. Might be a nice option for some.