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I'm not sure how such a sensor is going to help you survive nuclear fallout, particularly for the higher ranges. There are only two even slightly reasonable responses to that situation, the first being leave the radioactive area immediately and the second being get into a shielded bunker. In the case of a nuclear attack finding a means to leave the affected area is going to be difficult at best. Fallout shelters have issues regarding both adequate stocking with supplies and/or human waste disposal (think of several weeks of piss, shit, and possibly other bodily effluvia like vomit and contaminated clothing brought inside when you enterede when you can't afford radiation exposure to take it outside and have to find some way to store it inside with you.)
The situation you describe is one where the Geiger counter is more useful than a dosimeter. As you correctly point out, you want to avoid the radiation, but can't sit in your shelter forever. Survival then becomes a game of "eat the least contaminated stuff" (admittedly, you'd ideally want a device that can tell you what radioactive isotope you are about to ingest) and "don't step on the radiation hot spot". Further fun questions that a Geiger counter can answer: Will I have less or more radioactive stuff on my hands when I wash them in this pool of water? and When is the right time to use the last dust filter for my gas mask?